Sunday, March 16, 2008

Looks Like We Made It!

This weekend Launey, my parents, my grandparents, and my aunt and uncle all went to Vegas/Mesquite for the MWC basketball tournament, and yes only my kids and myself were left at home. It is sad to say, but I haven't spent a night at home on my own in a number of years and I was quite nervous about it. I had also never been left alone with all three kids for that long. I usually at least have my parents or grandparents to help me entertain them for a moment, but this time I have been completely on my own. I am posting a few pictures of the things we did to entertain ourselves.

Day One, early morning. Things went on as usual, Ellie was fussing, Tanner was eating, and Luke was drawing.
Day One, early afternoon. We started one of our two big weekend projects, we decorated an Easter Ginger Bread House.

Day One, late afternoon. We started our second big weekend project. We made homemade oreos. Luke and Tanner had more fun eating them than making them, and poor Ellie just had to sit in her bouncer and watch, but it was a good time.

Perhaps by now you have noticed a problem, by late afternoon on day one we had finished both of our only big projects for the weekend. Needless to say, Day two was much more boring, and we really had to reach for fun activities. Poor Tanner got the brunt of it.

Day Two, early afternoon. This is Tanner in Ellie's baby bath. The washcloth is for privacy purposes.

Day Two, early evening. This is Tanner with a charming new look.

All-in-all I think we survived it pretty well. Launey is on his way home, hopefully, and by this afternoon I should be resting peacefully while Launey makes up for lost time with his children. As long as I survive church being out-numbered 3 to 1!


Lyns said...

I just laughed out loud at the majority of those pictures! Tanner CRACKS me up! How cute! I am so glad you survived the weekend with the 3 kids all by yourself. I'm barely surviving by myself with only 1 kid! You are so due for a girls weekend! Who's up for it? I SOOOO am! Ellie can totally come.

McKel said...

I think you are an Awesome MoM! Great job and can sometimes barely handle my 2! And I also agree with Lyns about the girls weekend!

Thedailydansie said...

You're great! Doing fun things with your kids, I wish I was a better mom with doing more crafty things with Davis. Lyns is right, Tanner is such a crack up.