Monday, August 17, 2009

Extreme Brilliance!!

In my last post, I mentioned my desire to post something brilliant, well. . .here it is! My friend Morgan has introducted me to a whole new world. A world where people pay you to buy food, and full prices are simply not an option. It is the wonderful world of coupon shopping. I have only gone twice, and with Morgan's expert guidance and direction (I owe her my fourth born child), I have already saved over $200. I am super excited about the trip we took to Albertson's this morning. I rolled out of bed at 4:45 this morning and we were the first ones to the store at 5:30. Little did we know, we were the first ones there because the store didn't actuall open until 6. Lucky for us, we got a good jump on all the other couponers.

Now on to my list, I bought:

2- CPK frozen pizzas

8- Boxes of Cereal (2 Honey Bunches of Oats, 2 Grape Nuts, 2 Kix, and 2 Cocoa Puffs)

15- 32 oz Powerades
2-16 oz Chocolate Milks
2-Gallons of Milk

4-Easy Mac Cups

3-Boxes of Mac and Cheese

4-Boxes of Ronzoni Healthy Pasta

2-Boxes of Capri Suns

6-Haagen Das Ice Cream Cups

8-Dannon Light and Fit Yogurts

2-10 oz Bottles of A1 BBQ Sauce
2-Boxes of Jello Pudding

For all that I spent $33.58, Plus I got a $20.00 Mail In Rebate to make the entire purchase a whopping $13.58! I saved a total of $127! I know, BRILLIANT!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Spectacularly Un-Brilliant!

So, I don't know why, but I have been waiting and waiting for something brilliant to blog about. I really wanted to write some type of literary masterpiece available for the world exclusively here at IversPartyof 5.
I have been waiting. . . and waiting. . . and waiting.

Finally I have decided that brilliant pieces of literature come to the minds of the brilliant. So, here is my mediocre post about some of our above average adventures which all took place nearly a month ago! (I have been waiting a LONG time for inspiration)

For starters, here are a few snapshots of our extraordinary pioneer day (I think it was the 24th). We were lucky enough to spend the day at Deer Creek Reservoir with the Ivers side of the family. The kids LOVED the boat, and Brielle seemed to be completely enamored with her giant blue twinkie suit.

We are so lucky that the kids have so many cousins close to their age on the Ivers side of the family, they do happen to be all girls (except baby Kyle) but none of them seem to mind their gender differences. Here they are playing on the "beach."
For some reason the boys were totally uncooperative when it came to photo-shoots. These were the best shots I got of them the whole day.
Brielle even got to be captain for a few minutes, she is crazy about 1st mate Grandpa Ivers!
This is Launey riding the wakes on the tube thingy. This picture was taken as his mother was yelling to him from the shore, "take your white shirt off, you'll ruin it!" Later he informed her that the white shirt happened to be his pasty white skin.
Here is a small glimpse of one of the many reasons that I love that man, regardless of his white shirt-like tan.
(after further review of this picture, I am undecided of whether or not the purpose of this photo is clear, just to clarify, he is preparing to change our baby girl's diaper full of toxic waste.)
Later that month my parents were kind enough to sponsor a weekend getaway to Park City. We stayed in a beautiful condo and had a blast riding the alpine slide, coaster, and zip-line. Unfortunately, I must have been so caught up in the fun and excitement that I only managed to get a couple pictures.
Luckily they are high quality pictures featuring the famous, Launey leaning on the stair rail with the "I am so excited that I can hardly contain my emotions" look on his face, Followed by the ever-so-popular Brielle throwing a fit that she wasn't hooked up to the giant human slingshot photo, and finally The Boys with their fresh morning faces and stylish bed heads over two bowls of cereal shot. I am just so happy that these pictures accurately portrayed all of the fun and excitement we enjoyed over the weekend.
So until next time. . .ciao!