Friday, October 17, 2008

Yee Haw, we went to Hee Haws!

Okay, so every year since Luke was a baby, Halloween time has marked a few special occasions, one being our family outing to Hee Haws. We absolutely Love Love Love Halloween and everything that accompanies it. We try to budget a little extra money every fall so that we can take advantage of all of the wonderful Halloween activities life has to offer. This year we got to go with my cute brother and his adorable wife, Karson and Linzy. We did the corn maze, poked the giant pig, shot cobs of corn out of air guns, jumped on hay, and slid down many exciting slides. We had a great time and I highly reccomend the outing to everybody.


Friday, October 3, 2008


Hi all! Ok, we hear over and over that we need to get our year supply of food storage right? Well, I know that it is important and I completely agree with the necessity of it, but in the past I think I have done it all wrong. For example, just recently I ran out of flour on a nice Sunday afternoon. I then remembered that I had a #10 can full of flour that I had canned when I lived in Logan oh about three plus years ago (it was with you Paula and Emily D.). So I went downstairs to retrieve my stored food and to my dismay nearly every single item I canned that day had expired. Now luckily I have come to find out that if it doesn't taste, smell, or look bad it is still okay to eat, so I have been using the flour anyway. Well, that little experience got me thinking of how easy it is just to waste money on food storage. So I decided that I wanted to learn how to put it to use. In my experience, if I use my food storage supply to actualy cook with, then replace the item I use with a new can, it helps me rotate my food storage, and gives me a better idea of what items my family actually use.
To make a long and painful introduction short, I have been blogging about food storage recipes, and I would love for you guys to link to my site, if it's not too much to ask. You see, I am not a master chef in any sense of the word so I would love to get ideas and input from all of you. So if you would like to link to it the address is I would love to get your tips and pointers about anything to do with food storage and I will publish them on my site. For instance, Lynsey I just read your post about the frozen corn and strawberry jam so if you would like to give instructions on the process along with some of your cute pictures, email me and I will put it up.
Thank you soo much for your help and support! Happy Blogging!