Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fall Fun

We LOVE fall at our house, so every year we try to do a few fun things to take full advantage of the season. We spent an afternoon this year (October 2010) at HeeHaws. The kids had a blast, and it was a lot of fun for Launey and me to see them enjoy themselves so much.I had to post a picture of Red Bear, that little guy didn't leave Tanner's side for a good three months! I think Red Bear really enjoyed the slide :)
Ellie's favorite thing was the petting zoo. She wanted to keep each and every animal there. The first picture is of her trying to take the larger than life bunny home. The second picture is of her hugging her favorite goat. She hugged that poor animal for ten minutes straight!

Summer Summary Part 2. . .

We ended the summer on a high note in beautiful Cache Valley. Each year Kylee, Conner, and Nixon are kind enough to host us for a few days, and they always keep us entertained. We enjoyed some time at the Logan pool then headed up for a day at Bear Lake.
I love the beach there because there are shallow sand bars which make it an awesome place for the kids to play. We always have a great time and we look forward to it each year.