Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I kinda really dislike this!

First off, thanks for all of your input on the privacy issue. I have decided today that for now I will stay public and just kind of be smart about the info I post and go with my gut feelings. If you haven't weighed in and would like to about the privacy issue, please feel free to post your opinion.

Now, let me explain the title of this post. I really enjoy playing with my photoshop and last year I was a little obsessed with making Christmas cards. I made some for a few of you, and a couple people have asked me if I was going to do it again. Okay, on to the title of the post. . . I don't really dislike making the Christmas cards, I actually like it, but I really dislike coming across as somebody that is trying to sale something to my friends. So, I am only posting this because a few people have asked about it, not because I am trying to get any body's "business." I really don't consider myself "good" at this, and I am by no means a professional. So please forgive this post and if you feel the need, continue to browse through my more thought provoking and informational entries. I don't know if this made a bit of sense to a soul out there!

Last years designs can still be seen at

Here are a couple I have designed this year

Monday, November 24, 2008

Playing it safe, or living in fear???

Okay, so my mom has been going on and on about all of these horror stories about blogs and psycho creeps that use the blogs for evil. Since then I have been having an inner-self battle about whether or not to go private. Here is how my battle plays out.

It is private therefore I have control over who is learning many details about my children and their day-to-day activities.

I don't have to worry about all of those psycho creeps out there who spend their lives fighting for the wrong team (the adversary's team) and may do something to wrong my innocent children.

I really don't want to live my life in fear.

I don't mind people, even if I don't know them, reading about our day-to-day activities, (as long as they are not the aforementioned psycho creeps).

I want to continue to believe that the world is more good than evil.
I really don't ever want to do anything that puts my children's lives or well being in danger, especially if doing so can be avoided. But for some strange reason I am still torn. Please, leave your input!!!

PS Any of you who are going private or have already done so, I would love to be added, my email address is kaydeem@yahoo.com

Here are some cute pictures of my kiddos. They have nothing with this post, but they are quite pleasant none-the-less :).
Tanner and his Luke-Made Pirate outfit, apparently Mommy's Headband + Super Tanner Cape= Pretty Awesome Pirate
Luke's Pirate costume always consists of his favorite red hat and dracula cape!
I love Her!
Cutest little fan at the Juab Football Game!
McCain and Obama

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This was Halloween . . . and various other activities

Okay, so most of you know that we are total Disneyland fanatics, but we usually say that we go so often because the kids love it so much. Well that's not the case this time. Launey and I went to a timeshare presentation in Midway a few months ago and scored two free plane tickets to LA and a free hotel room for two nights in Anaheim. So, we packed up our things, dropped the kids off at their grandparents' house and flew to sunny California. And yes, it was sunny. In fact one day it was 98 degrees, at the end of October! We had a great time and we really appreciated our parents for watching our adorable kids while we took some time to reconnect. . . . with mickey of course!

Launey loving the Disney Sweets!

The two of us on the infamous Splash Mountain

I found a load of treasure!

Launey got locked up for it :(

I am not sure where this picture is but it is somewhere in the happiest place on earth.

We scored some free mickey ears, yes I know we look like geeks.

Launey apparently very frightened as we waited in line for Indiana Jones

How cute is this Jack-o-Lantern!

Okay, on to the children. These pictures are actually from our annual Ivers Family Halloween Bash which took place about a week or so before Halloween. I have actual Halloween pictures but the are on my memory card, in my camera, in the car. So, these will have to due.

Brielle was the cutest little ballerina ever!

Tanner was SUPER TANNER. He didn't want to be anything for Halloween except "just Tanner" but we got him to amp it up a little bit.

Luke was totally in his element dressed as a zombie, check out the zombie pose!

One more picture of my tiny dancer. Please ignore the messy shirt, it got that way from a variety of Halloween activities.